teamtechnik Group

“The success of our customers depends on the quality and speed with which they respond to the demands of the market. Flexibility is therefore a key requirement of modern production systems. We create custom-tailored production solutions with the intelligent configuration of standardized and tested function blocks. This allows our customers to plan with confidence, minimizes delivery times and costs and creates systems of outstanding quality – in Germany and many other locations around the world."

Automation is our DNA

teamtechnik is an international market leader in assembly and functional test systems. Founded in 1976, the company focuses on the development and building of special-purpose automation equipment and is thus a factory of ideas in the important future industries of e-mobility, medtech and new energy. A proven focus is the high competence in the area of software and control technology.

Producing and operating globally

The teamtechnik group has now grown to around 1,100 employees worldwide, making it a real global player with its 7 production and 13 service locations.

Being close to the customer guarantees prompt after-sales service in addition to on-site production. All branches have the same quality standards and are specialized in the respective degree of automation and country-specific requirements.

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