Spare Parts

Intelligent & proactive service parts management

Your systems should produce instead of waiting for spare parts. This is where HEKUMA's Spare Parts Management comes in, so that the right parts are immediately available while the storage is kept at a sensible minimum.

Spare Parts packages – With our service parts concept, we proactively arrange a suitable package of spare and wear parts for you after system delivery. In coordination with design and purchasing, we work out the relevant parts and components for your automation, prioritize them in consideration of wear and procurement time, and provide a customized package. In this way, you are optimally supplied with spare parts to optimize inventory levels and storage capacity. Reorders of parts used can be made as a package or individually at any time.

Your package benefits:

  • Predictive service parts planning
  • Efficient stock-keeping of important parts
  • Minimized downtime of your systems
  • Avoidance of expensive short-term actions
  • Advantageous package price instead of many individual orders

Of course, you can also individually order Spare Parts at any time. To simplify your purchase process, you can find our digital order form for spare parts here:

Spare Parts Order Form

PDF  /  1.08 MB

Spare Parts Order Form

PDF  /  1.08 MB

End-of-Life Management – Once a product is generally obsolete and discontinued, it is no longer supported, which means spare parts are no longer available. Our end-of-life management solution approach can still ensure parts availability. Through close and regular contact with our suppliers, we can inform you at an early stage about discontinued components and calculate the required stock based on the planned system runtime. We also advise you with regard to replacements or alternative solutions for end-of-life products.

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