Overhaul, Retrofit & Optimization

From used to like new

In addition to the investment in new systems, the retrofitting or modernization of proven systems is the key to cost-effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. However, due to wear, the productivity of the systems decreases after a few years of operation.

Based on your current situation and requirements, our service project managers will develop suitable concepts and solutions for your existing systems.

Overhaul – If you expect production results like on the first day from your automation purchased years ago, we recommend a refurbishment of the system. Based on a holistic condition analysis, we offer you a partial overhaul up to the overhaul of the complete system and thus return to the target state. This can minimize the risk of malfunctions and downtime and extend the service life.

Retrofit – With a retrofit, we bring your automation systems up to the latest state of the art and replace old components with new ones. Through forward-looking planning, you gain production reliability and are fit for the future.

Optimization – You want to implement a new product, process or variant? With our system adaptations through change kits and retrofit kits, software upgrades, process optimizations and our function extensions, we can put your plans into practice in a sensible and efficient way and optimize your systems.

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Jan Glawion

Team Lead Project Management Service

Jan Glawion

Team Lead Project Management Service

Haifeng Li

Service & Optimization Manager