Software – Our Pace Setter

HEKUMA as innovator & pioneer

The software of our automations is the engine and driving force and therefore a central factor of our system planning for a reliable, user-friendly operation under consideration of safety-relevant aspects.

We program and provide automation and control concepts that consider the latest standards and use leading PLC controls in the field of automation technology. The many years of experience of our specialists play a decisive role in ensuring that we get the maximum out of our systems. This leads to the advantage that we can stay one step ahead of the competitors in terms of take-out speed and efficiency. The susceptibility of the systems to unplanned downtimes is reduced to a minimum by optimally coordinating the components and processes.

This also applies to the integration of external systems, such as camera technology and packaging machines. They are integrated into the overall concept and can generally be operated by one control system. Thus, we ensure user-friendly operation, which facilitates the overview and control of the entire system.


If you are interested in BigData analysis concepts, we also offer various solutions. Just contact us and we will work out the concept that suits you best.