1974 Founded

Richard Herbst found HEKUMA to cover the continuously growing need for insertion and removal automation units for the plastics industry. The company's name is derived from "HErbst KUnststoff MAschinen" ("Herbst Plastic Machinery)

1978 First fast robot

Development of the first fast robot, making it possible to automate the production of audio cassettes. The number of employees grows from initially 2 to 11.

1984 Our own factory building

Richard Herbst constructs the first company-owned factory building at the present-day location.

1984 First international delivery

Only 10 years after the company was founded, the first system is delivered to France. In the same year, the company installs systems in Sweden and in Holland in 1985.

1990 First complete system

HEKUMA introduces the first complete system for CD boxes to the market.

1995 First petri dish system

HEKUMA commences what will be its future market leadership in petri dish automation

1995 & 1998 Doubling the assembly area

With additions to today's Factory I, the assembly area is doubled to become more than twice its size.

1999 128 employees

With continuous growth and development, not only is the number of employees on the rise, but also the number of registered patents.

2000 elexis AG

elexis AG takes over Richard Herbst's company, who because of his age then retires a year later.

2006 ISO certification

HEKUMA becomes DIN EN ISO 9001 certified for the first time

2006 Service in USA

The first service technician is installed in the USA

2007 Additional factory

Further expansion after procuring a second plant in close vicinity to the main plant.

2009 Focusing

HEKUMA aims its main focus on what are today's core markets - medical, automotive technology and consumer products.

2011 Sales in China

HEKUMA opens its first sales office in Shanghai

2014 40 years HEKUMA

HEKUMA celebrates its 40th birthday in the summer with its now 200 employees.

2018 New Headquarters

HEKUMA moves in its new headquarters with about 15.500 square meters in Hallbergmoos, Germany.

2021 Becoming part of teamtechnik

HEKUMA is part of the international teamtechnik Group since July 2021.