HEKUmotive - The automation system for Hybrid Components


Automobiles have a large number of sensors, actuators, integrated controls and connectors. The partly safety-relevant aspect of these products and the resulting demands on their protective housings require enormously precise manufacturing.

Whether radar, ABS, ESP, sensor or connector housings, whether components for transmission electronics and control,... HEKUMA's HEKUmotive system covers all the necessary production steps:
From preparing the contacts and pins, loading them into the injection mold, taking them out, with subsequent quality control by means of various inspection and testing processes, to marking and packaging.




Punching contacts

100% electrical testing & camera inspection;
Sorting and depositing NOK parts according to fault pattern

Bending and providing pins and sockets

Marking of the good parts

Simultaneous loading of single parts into the mold and take-out of the finished parts

Fully automated packaging of finished parts in trays

Handling robot with mold open times of <5 sec.

Stacking the trays into packaging units

Downstream welding process
(laser or ultrasonic welding)

Batch Tracking


Your advantages at a glance:

  • solving complex tasks through flexible concepts with workpiece carrier or rotary table
  • delivery time and cost reduction due to a modular design with pre-engineered components
  • risk reduction by using proven and sophisticated technology
  • excellent overall efficiency and availability
  • high quality product output
  • possibility of system extension and gradual expansion
  • reliable and built to last automation
  • low maintenance requirements
  • reusability of modules and components for follow-up projects


Please find here our HEKUmotive-Flyer for download.