Our performance


Consulting and development

To find an optimal production concept requires a tight cooperation. The specific requirements of the product specify the requirments for the automation system. We see ourselves as consultants in all matters from automation concept to delivery of the complete system. It is our pleasure to provide you with the support you need when reviewing the manufacturing feasibility and automation capability of your products.

Flexibility combined with modular system groups

Customized requirements are realized in tested and modular system modules. This way, reliability and availability of the entire system is ensured. Where processes are identical, entire families of products can be produced using exchange kits on a single system. However, this requires that the products and insert parts are very similar.

Analyses and sampling

We provide support not only for the CE certification process, but also for your FMEA and hazard analysis and for running sampling processes. Mold corrections and prototypes can run alongside of completing the automation, saving you time and money. 

Integrating injection molding machine and injection mold

We integrate the injection molding machine and the injection mold from the very start of operation. This allows the entire production process to be fully vetted before the complete system is set up in your production environment. Any system or product optimizations that may be necessary are detected immediately and can be remedied even before the scheduled start of production.

Integration of external systems

Integration allows external systems such as lasers, printers and packaging machines to be included into the overall concept and as a result they can be operated from the only one control system. This gives you a closed system that is optimally coordinated.