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Consulting and R&D

In the consumer product sector, product and/or packaging design plays a decisive role in the consumer's purchasing decisions. Yet, is the cost of producing the design viable? We would be pleased to consult with you, taking a closer look at the specific product and gauging the automation requirements. 

Multi-component injection molding process

Oftentimes, the multi-component injection molding process is used for body care products. An advantage of multi-components is the product surface is easier to hold. In general, there are two options:  One option is to produce the product on one injection molding machine via 2 K process. In this case a robot takes the product out of the tool and transferred it to inject the second component, in the same mold. The other option is to produce each of the product's components on a separate injection molding machine. Here, the automation links the injection molding machines. Because of this, it must be synchronized to all components in the production process.

Product decoration

Adding a logo, trademark or lettering to the product ensures optimum results in transferring an image and increasing its commercial success at the same time. There are a range of labels made of film and various other materials such as metal or plastic. With a feeding and insertion technology adapted to the product itself, the decoration element is applied to the product exactly. Depending on the material, the decoration element can be either insert molded, glued, stamped or welded onto it.